Gaining mental fitness is as much about confidence and body fitness as it is about your mind. We follow the ideas for a fitness routine from because they seek to harness the physical and the emotional via a course of pole dancing routines.

Some people would associate pole dancing more with the seedy underworld than they would with fitness – but you only need to look at events such as the World Pole Dance Championship to see that is so much more than simply stripping!

world pole dance championship

world pole dance championship

But it is the association with the historic use of pole dancing for titivation that makes it such a useful tool – the physical improvement of the pole dancing can come hand-in-hand with the empowerment that you get from really putting yourself out of your comfort zone.

Many people still question the idea that pole dancing is more than just a strippers tool – see the article about it being banned here – and that is at a university where they are “enlightened”!! But not everyone is as closed minded are they?

Just think – all that time practising a routine and then getting to perform it in a public place in front of an audience – what a buzz and a confidence boost that will be!

We don’t suggest you go it alone – you’ll want to select a pole dancing class to start your lessons at – but in a safe informal environment with a trained instructor you’ll quickly pick up the routines that will give you both an inner an outer strength. The pole that you choose is important to how this’ll work out for you – so you want a quality portable pole that you rely upon – this may well be the X-Poe SPort as a good standard for beginners.

You might be asking “why do I need a pole”? Well, that is a very good question and one that is worthy of a bit of an explanation…

The answer is two-fold, the first part is perhaps obvious Practice Will Make Perfect – and this is about aiming for perfection. The second part is perhaps not so obvious – remember the association between pole dancing and stripping? Well don’t ignore it, it can be useful … so when you have the basics of a routine nailed – then bring it back into the realm of the stripper – this is an amazing way to rebuild confidence in a relationship – so if you have an x-pole sport then you can quite quickly and easily erect it in the bedroom to show what you have learned!