Shorts for Pole Dancing?

pole dancing shorts-1

In pole dancing as in life there are no shortcuts – so what is the purpose of pole dancing shorts? Why not any shorts? Why do we need to be so specialised?

Pole Fitness

The search for the x-pole and it’s alignment can lead to superb pole-fitness, it can also hamper the development.

Got to Dance!

You might be forgiven that there is a difference between mental fitness and physical fitness – but in the pro-world of x-pole then the two are kept in perfect balance!


The X-pole is the balance of the mental and the physical fitness and also can combine with relationship fitness to make it possible for everyone to square the perfect fitness triangle. It is or as simple as saying choose thin or coaching for mothers.

Good Bye Passive Learning

Good Bye Passive Learning you served us well in the past but now your time has passed.